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Frequently Asked Questions

 What makes your company better or different than the other guide companies?

  We believe that discriminating travelers have a right to expect friendly, prepared and knowledgeable guides that focus on providing an insightful and entertaining adventure. Your tour is a private tour, meaning you won’t be joined by dozens of people you don’t know. We listen to you so that we can design your tour based on what you tell us you want to experience.


Is there a lot of walking?

  Our walking tours are stop-and-go; and leisurely. New Orleans is a pretty flat town, so you won’t be going up and down any hills. We’ll walk a block, talk a bit; walk a bit, talk a bit; etc. And this is your tour. If you need to stop and catch your breath, let your guide know. We’re here for your enjoyment and pleasure.


 Where do I meet my guide for the tour? 
  It will all depend on the tour.  You’ll be given very easy to follow instructions. Our starting points will be easy to find. You’ll also be provided with a telephone number in case there’s any difficulty.

What time do I meet my guide for the tour?
   Once your tour is finalized, you will receive a complete set of instructions on the tour starting time, where to meet your guide and a contact phone number should you have a problem the day of your tour.  We’ll work hard to make everything as convenient as possible.


 What happens if it’s raining on tour day, or when my tour is starting?
   New Orleans has an average of 56 days of rain each year.  Chances are that it won’t rain, but if you prepare in advance, we’ll get by just fine.  Check the hour-by-hour weather forecast the morning of your tour. Our homepage has the weather forecast right there for you to see.  Bring a poncho, or small umbrella if needed.  

Can I get a refund if we cancel the tour?
  Tour deposits are non-refundable.  Full payment for a Featured Tour is due 72 hours in advance.  The full payment date of Custom Tours is based on the complexity of the tour and how far out the tour is planned.  The tour planner will notify you of those dates when providing you the tour details.  Tours not cancelled by the cancellation date listed on your invoice are non-refundable except in the event of a named storm.

What happens if a Hurricane is forecast on tour day? 
  If you’re talking about the weather hurricane and not the famous drink, we watch our weather closely. A hurricane's path is known well in advance.  We will contact you and make other arrangements or issue a refund if a named storm is in our forecast the day of the tour.

What method of payment do you accept?
   We gladly accept all Visa and MasterCard payments.


Can I take photographs on my tour?
     We encourage you to take photos.  New Orleans is a very visually stimulating place. We'll even point out a few of those "Kodak moments" along the way.  Please keep in mind however, that we don't allow video recording at any time during our time together.   

How much of what the guide tells us is factual, and how much is fiction?
   The best guides are good storytellers and trained in our history. They strive to make your experience an enjoyable one, so our aim is for you to be entertained as well informed.


Why is there a minimum age on some tours?
   Many of tours include stops at establishments where those under 21 years of age are not allowed.  If you are interested in a tour that can accommodate minors in your party, we will be happy to design a tour for you.  

Can you arrange for tours that coincide with other events, like weddings, reunions, bachelorette and bachelor parties, a girl’s weekend and things like that?
  Absolutely!  Tell us what you have in mind.  Our goal is for you to have a great time in New Orleans, whatever your reason for being here is.  


Do the tour guides expect tips?
  Our professional guides work very hard to prepare in advance so that you’ll have a great experience on your tour.  Like others in the hospitality industry tour guides appreciate your gratuities for a job well done. If you appreciate their efforts with a gratuity, they will certainly appreciate your kindness.  

Can I book my tour right now?
  Please call us and we'll get the ball rolling right away!

I represent a (business executive, celebrity, etc.) that requires confidentiality.  Can you provide that?
  Absolutely. There is a standard confidentiality clause in each of our guide’s contracts.  In addition we have an additional agreement that we can provide you, or if your client has one that he or she would like us to use, we’ll be happy to review it quickly.  In most instances, we will be able to accommodate any confidentiality agreement needed.



What’s the difference between a Featured Tour and Custom Excursion?
  The Featured Tour has been designed and pre-packaged because it appeals to a wide variety of people.  Because there’s little guesswork for our tour planner, we can offer it at a fixed price.  Of course if there’s a special bucket list place you want to visit, we’ll work to include that for you.
  The Custom Excursion is just that… completely customized to include the things you want to do. If it’s a music tour, with a focus on jazz or blues, we’ll arrange it.  If it’s a tour of the best oyster bars in town, we’ll do that too.  If shopping is your thing, and you want to go antiquing, then we have it covered.  Sometimes, it’s really involved, like arranging a ride in a Mardi Gras parade, a private musical performance or a fishing trip and cooking your catch when you return to town. The list is limitless and the costs associated are quite varied.  

Why do I have to pay a non-refundable deposit on Custom Excursions?
  There’s a lot of preparation involved that may require us to secure services from outside vendors. While the deposit generally won’t cover the costs of preparation, we believe it’s a fair measure of our guests’ commitment to follow through with the tour.